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  • Enterprise News
    The 2012 annual meeting

    How time flies, time flies, suddenly busy in 2012 has been in the past, full of looking forward to coming to us in 2013. A New Year, new target and hope, the hangzhou gen electronic technology co., LTD. Annual meeting held on January 19, 2013. Including company worker and staff, and expatriates gathered together, and took part in this annual meeting.

    The annual meeting of the site is full of passion, warm and lively atmosphere. First of all, by the chairman of the board of directors of the company address Chen dong, Chen dong summary review of the 2012 memorabilia, put forward the company's new strategic planning, establish goals in the future.

    In the past year, the company's sales performance by leaps and bounds, members of the company is gradually increased. Professional team is gradually forming, these are inseparable from the company of all the members of the hard work and pay. General manager Mr Hu Yundong passion to read 2012 excellent employees and activists list, and certificate and cash prize from the leadership by the company. Company staff for winning good staff offer the most sincere blessings and warm applause, by their example, learn from them, for tomorrow will be better, perseverance, hard work.

    The next great entertainment at play. The entire annual meeting shows different forms, let a person too many things to see, everyone concerned to show the performance of all the world and people innovation, wisdom and confidence.

    Middle also peppered with exciting sweepstakes link, the company leadership and staff affection interactive let hand ring, cheers from time to time at the party on the ripples. All my colleagues all happy, tension and exciting. After more than four hours, the entire annual meeting in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.

    In 2012, we smile, hard, lose, also harvested, standing on the new road 2013, let us together with confidence and courage, strutting, write a more brilliant tomorrow together.

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